We turn projects into reality.

Developing products, bringing them to the real world and making everyone fall in love with them is our reason for existing.

Company vision

We believe everyone should have access to technology. For this reason we develop Computers with Quality and Design, easy to use, at an affordable price.

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How we do

We take care of all the products that propagate your brand that are not produced by your company. We manage everything from product design to delivery to the end customer.
We are an important and best-structured One Stop Shop in Brazil.
We develop customized products and projects and creative ways to promote your brand, according to the profile of each client, in all the necessary channels: corporate, employees, distributors, physical stores and ecommerce.

We believe that everything has a history that deserves to be renewed, so SINCPLACE is a factory outlet that goes beyond buying and selling products. In our space of more than 1700 m² we offer products of the best brands at prices devastating. This is only possible because we give new life to the products. This benefits everyone. Unbeatable prices for our customers, growth and income for the region, lower environmental impact, quality of life for all and for future generations.

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The SINCPLACE showroom was created to provide a unique experience. Bold design and spaces created especially for you to experience and interact with our products. Our staff is always on hand to answer all your questions and help you make the best purchase. We have a repair center and technical assistance with qualified professionals to serve our clients with quality and professionalism. We also offer an event center with our own professional and equipped kitchen to serve up to 400 meals a day, modular air-conditioned meeting rooms and all the necessary support for corporate events.

SincPlace. Everything has a history that is worth renewing.